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This site is amazing. Being able to just "rotate the models around" fulfills a very long dream of mine. I would only ask for a "battle pose button/option", when checked: instead of the models showing the default "plank" pose, they would render with a similar pose to the one used in the battle screen.

Weltall 04/28/2022 20:21

Oh thank you very much! I've been looking for this for so long. I love you!

Weltall 02/07/2022 01:59

Whaaat. Does any of this extra gear ever show up in game? This is so neat.

Nomad Fix Bot 01/29/2022 17:55

Yep, I'm getting the doors too

Level 1 11/20/2021 07:53

Am I the only one seeing doors everywhere where I think an npc is supposed to be? lol

Level 1 09/11/2021 08:15

I can hear the music in my mind while I zoom around this one :D

Level 424 09/09/2021 22:35

This is my favorite room in the whole game. Someone put love into what is just a closed book store. Its beautifully detailed.

Level 391 09/09/2021 03:43

so cool!

Level 273 09/09/2021 01:37


Level 218 09/08/2021 16:35