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So what is this page actually about?

The short backstory of Xenogears Map Viewer AKA XenoBooru alpha

It all started when I got my hands on technology from a long forgotten ancient civilization (that is Final Fantasy modding forums circa 2010), which allowed my to rip all of the Xenogears map 3D models. After some troubleshooting and writing scripts automating the process, I managed to extract and convert them to format understandable by all modern 3D software.

I was very excited at the possibility to see every nook and cranny of those maps, and I figured there have to be more people that feel the same way. And I didn't want this chance to be locked away behind having to dig through over 10yo forum threads and basic programming and 3D software knowledge. So, for that reason (and also as learning experience, being freshman IT student and aspiring webdev) I decided to create Xenogears Map Viewer website. I wanted something simple, so as a template I choose to copy layouts of popular -BOORU sites (primarily sakugabooru).

And then it struck me!

What if I were to create XenoBooru? A website aggregating every piece of in-game assets, official art and so on. It would be awesome, right?! Obviously, it's a huge undertaking, so I'll be taking it in steps.


  1. Make Map Viewer website functional. With basic booru functionalities like comments (now without accounts) and tags (f.e location, in-doors, town, etc. )
  2. Search the internet in search for tools to extract more assets from the game and add it to the website. For now Gears 3D models seem to be most likely to be possible.
  3. Ask people who ripped assets and put them on the internet for permission to put them on the website (with proper credit ofc). Well, right now by people I mean Rufaswan who successfully extracted the sprites.
  4. When the available in-game assets will be here, add all the official art in the highest findable quality
  5. Now that the site finally will deserve "booru" title - expand it's functionality, that is accounts, rankings, scoring, stuff like that
  6. Right now, I don't have remotely the skill or the knowledge to try ripping the assets myself, but I'd like to learn that and add to the website some pieces I personally dug up.

For any questions, suggestions or bug reports you can DM me on Twitter, or Discord at Paraon#1585, or send an email to motmen001@gmail.com


Of course, the main credit goes to all the talented designers, modelers and artists at Square circa 1998 who created all of those maps from scratch. Through this project I come to respect all of the hard work put into hundreds of models and thousands of textures that were needed to bring Xenogears to life.

Xenogears font used in a header created by Biffe Holitter, you can find it here.

This website couldn't have been made without those people:

I only took the final step

Contact information

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