Xenogears Map Viewer

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Xenogears Map Viewer Desktop Appliaction



Simply unpack the zip file and run the shortcut file inside. The application may take few seconds to load.

Why an additional app?

As you may have noticed, currently the maps are not perfectly complete. The two main problems are the lack of transparency in textures and vertex colors. That means the textures with partial transparency, like trees, chairs etc. look weird, as the transparent part is replaced with random(?) pixels. Additionally, some semi-transparent objects that use vector colors are just black. An easy way to see that is Shevat's energy barrier. The needed data is loaded correctly into the Xenogears Map Viewer created by Micky, but then the function exporting the model isn't (by his own admission) complete. I was trying to dig into it myself, but couldn't figure out how to export this data. If anyone reading this is more knowledgeable in this topic and would like to help, I would be thankful if you got in contact.

Reason to use it

But the thing is, the original map viewer script renders the maps perfectly fine. The only problems were its relative clunkiness in navigating the 3D space, and the fact that you had to have at least beginner level programming knowledge to run it.
That's why I reworked the controls and packaged it into a user-friendly application with a graphic interface and all, but if you want to look at the maps in their best quality, I advise you to download and use that application.

More alternatives

If you really want to explore the maps more thoroughly, beside using the Map Viewer App, I would recommend downloading the file and opening it in 3D software (like the free Blender), to be able to move freely and delete fragments of geometry that block the view. Also, the ability to focus on particular meshes is very helpful with exploring the bigger maps.

As a note, the wireframe option in the online model viewer doesn't show the real map geometry. That is because in order to convert the mesh to the format suitable for display in the browser, it had to be triangulated and geometry ripped apart on some edges. That's why in the download link I offer the original zipped files, with separate texture files.